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asbestos fibres face fit testing

A tight-fitting face piece is only as good as the fit itself – and any break in the seal can lead to potential exposure and a risk to an employee’s health. At Surrey Safety we offer Qualitative Face Fit Testing from just £50 per person, or a cost saving day rate for group testing at your location. Please email. We are currently face fit testing Dentist practices, Manufacturers and Healthcare sector across southern England to ensure the protection you need whilst working with the public along with our usual Construction sector.

With face fit testing falling under the current COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) Regulations it’s imperative that any tight-fitting face pieces are fitted and worn correctly to ensure maximum protection and to meet your legal obligations.

At Surrey Safety we follow the HSE’s guidelines for best practice regarding the fitting of any RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment), and you’re assured strict adherence to their criteria during any fit testing.

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What type of masks require Fit Testing?


Any tight-fitting face piece will require REP Fit Testing, So any reusable or disposable half face face masks (respirators) with multi filters or P1,P2,P3 filters ( Please note a FFP3 mask will be required to maximise protection for corona virus / Covid 19 if you cannot purchase these we will fit test FFP2 in line with recent guidance. We will not fit test any earloop masks or KN labelled masks please follow us for our latest guidance in purchasing via facebook or email and we will gladly send you our purchasing guidance sheet. Our facebook page will also give guidance with respirators within your workplace to maximise your protection )



Any person signing up for face fit testing will need to have the mask with them that they intend to use, as well as being clean shaven to ensure the best seal. Long hair must be tied back so please have your hair clips / hair ties handy.

Make sure your employees have the protection they need to work in environments where there’s a risk of exposure to a wide range of hazardous materials. Choose Surrey Safety and you’re assured Qualitative Face Fit Testing that will give you the knowledge and confidence to work safely at all times.

For more information or to request Face Fit Testing please contact us below.

We also offer Train the Tester -  Face fit Training please click on this link below

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