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Face Fit Train the Tester Course


Surrey Safety offers Qualitative Fit Testing Train the Tester Course for Dental Teams, Construction, Manufacturers

to Comply with R.P.E. Requirements

Your instructor is a Fit2Fit qualified tester 

Holds the City & Guilds Achievement Award in Face Fit Training

NEBOSH Certified and a member of IOSH.


  • Background information on Regulations

  • COSHH, Section 2, Section 7 HASAWA 1974, RPE Regulations

  • Overview of HSG53 and INDG479

  • Step by Step guide in Fit Testing procedure

  • Donning and Doffing the mask safely

  • Buddy systems to check each other’s respirator fits correctly

  • Self-seal checking reusable – non reusable masks

  • Correct procedure on mask wearing timescales

  • Inspection of respirators and documents required

  • All relevant documents required for your compliance

  • Consideration on risk assessing within your practice / workplace

  • Pre fit test requirements and information to train your staff

  • The Qualitative fit test

  • What to do if your subject fails the test

  • Questions and answers

  • Written and multi-choice examination to qualify

  • Certification valid for 3 years to test your own operatives






Any Respirator/Mask is only effective with a sealed fit on the user



This may be a fairly new process for you and/or your staff to undertake because of corona virus. We will take you step by step through the process so you can give the protection your workforce needs.

We will supply you with all the documentation to carry out your own in-house fit testing 


On the course we will also cover all half mask respirator types and help you how to identify the correct types of respirators to purchase for the future. This is just as important as the fit test itself with so many types on the market which do not comply with regulation or offer a poor fit for the user.


Face Fit Testing has been utilised widely in construction and manufacturing industry because of the nature of work and substances / chemicals they work with.  We have taken HSE and NHS input and upgraded the training to incorporate the new Covid 19 guidance. 


In recent months we have been training and testing for NHS Dental Hubs, Hospices and Care Homes across Southern England


Note: At Surrey Safety we follow all Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines for best practice regarding the fitting of any RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment) and in accordance with HSG53 and INDG479 this course will allow you to face fit your own employees working in your practice/workplace only. Social distance guidelines will be adhered to at all times until the fit test demonstration takes place then one or both parties will be gloved and masked for protection.


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