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Myth Buster !

MYTH - White Asbestos is not dangerous ?

FACT - Though both blue and brown asbestos are recognised as the more dangerous forms, exposure to white asbestos is also recognised as being harmful to a person's health.

MYTH - The symptoms of asbestos-related disease appear soon after exposure.

FACT - An asbestos related disease can go undetected for many years, and symptoms are not immediate. Once diagnosed with Mesothelioma the average life expectancy is between 6 and 24 months.

Does my face mask fit me?
Manual Handling Facts

On average 36% of all workplace injury are from Manual Handling

Of those 36% on average half are injuries to our backs

Manual Handling injuries cost the UK £7 billion each year

Around 11 Million days off work each year!

(especially Fridays and Mondays!)

It always surprises us on how many delegates fail a half mask or facepiece face fit test.

The most common mistakes include placing the straps of the mask in the wrong position or over tightening the straps which will cause the skin to pinch or wrinkle and remember you must be clean shaven or we cannot carry on with the testing procedure!

In order to protect our lungs whilst in dusty conditions we must be confident that our mask of choice actually works and that we have chosen the correct filtration for the jobs we carry out.